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Welcome Message

Dear Aloysians,

I am most privileged and honoured to have been elected as the President of St. Louis Old Boys’ Association Limited (“SLOBA”) for the term of 2019/2020.  I would also like to congratulate Mr. Jason Ho Wai-kit (2001), who had been our Honorary Treasurer and Education Officer for many years, as our new Vice-president.  May we take this opportunity to thank all council members as they have chosen to be re-elected and continue their services for SLOBA, and to extend a warm welcome to three new co-opt committee members.  Last but not least, I must express my heartfelt thanks to my predecessor, Dr. Stanley Lo Hok-king (1984), who led SLOBA through the past two challenging years.  With Stanley’s able leadership, we have delivered a very successful year by celebrating the 90th Anniversary of our Alma Mater.


Let me share some exciting news with you.  The St. Louis School 90th Anniversary Commemorative Publication (聖類斯中學九十周年紀念特刊), has received the Merit Award in the 30th Hong Kong Print Award last December.  It is one of the top three awards in the “School Yearbook” category and it speaks for the high quality of our publication.  The 500-page book describes the long and glory history of St. Louis School, as well as the anecdote of our Fathers, Brothers and teachers.  Besides, more than 50 alumni shared how the school helped opening their eyes to the world and understanding themselves more clearly.  The first edition was sold out last April and the reprinted edition is now available in our online store at sloba.shoplineapp.com.  If you do not have a copy yet, please order it now while stock lasts and I am sure you will enjoy reading it.


As we live in the era of ever changing technology, the increasing uses of social media to communicate with you have been our direction over the past few years.  In addition to our website, email, Facebook and LinkedIn, I am delighted to announce the development of our first mobile application, the SLOBA Apps, which you can receive our first-hand news at anytime and anywhere.  The development of this Apps is at its final stage and to be launched in the very near future.


Currently, we are working on our yearly plan for events including several sports activities and competitions, SLOBA Exchanges in the form of talks and seminars as well as Homecoming.  In particular, we have embarked “Career Link”, a new project that sets a platform to provide career advisory services and job training opportunities to our junior old boys and students.  Please stay tuned and connected.  Furthermore, we look forward to meeting you in functions organised by our subsidiaries, namely Aloysian Fellowship, Medical Link and the Dean Foster Chapter. 


You are eligible to become a SLOBA member from the moment you graduated.  To ensure you receive timely information from us, it would be great if we could keep your records up to date in our database.  If you are not certain about your membership status, the personal information we have retained or if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact our office administrator at (852) 2521-6000 (Monday to Friday: 9:00am–5:30pm, except public holiday) or by email at sloba@sloba.org.  You are also most welcome to reach any council members of SLOBA by email at council@sloba.org.


Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for your extended supports to us and our Alma Mater.  Above all, your contributions have been and will continue to be the greatest encouragement to us in facing the challenges ahead.  Long live our Alma Mater!


With warmest regards,


Allen Chan Ka-lun (1982)

President of SLOBA
12 January 2019