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  Medical Link  
Sloba Medical Link was established in 2009 and initiated by a group of medical doctors who graduated from St. Louis School in different years ranging from 60s to recent years.


Our aim is to foster and develop the bondage between members of the Link  to contribute to the continuous wellbeing of our Alma mater.


We have strengthened our backbone by inviting old boys from Dental, Nursing  and Chinese Medicine to join us. In addition, practitioners from Allied Health Professions like Physiotherapy and Radiology have also been included.


If you are a medical doctor or working in healthcare services graduated from St. Louis School and want to join our Medical Link family, please leave us a contact with our SLOBA secretary at sloba@sloba.org


We have our AGM held on 23-10-2018 and formed our new Council:


Chairman:                                                              Dr. Clive Fung Kin Yue

Vice Chairman (Internal affairs):                           Dr. John Chan Kin Yip

Vice Chairman (External affairs):                          DrAddi Chan Kwok Hung

Secretary:                                                               Dr. Tom Chan Chi Wai

Treasurer:                                                               Dr. Wilson Ng

Committee Members:                                             Dr. Dominic Young

                                                                                Dr. James Lee

                                                                                Dr. Charles Ng

                                                                                Dr. Vincent Pang

                                                                                Dr. Ernest Tang

Immediate Past Chairman:                                     Dr. Stanley Lo Hok King

Founding Convenor:                                               Dr. Laurence Wan Ho Yue

Advisor:                                                                  Mr. Sun Chak Chuen




  Aloysian Fellowship  
•  To foster and develop the bondage amongst Members of the Fellowship
•  To help strengthen the growth of St. Louis Old Boys' Association
•  To contribute to the continuous well being of St. Louis School
•  Headboys (or alternates) for each year since 1962
•  Honorary members; Ex-officio Members
•  Headboy Award and Outstanding Prefects Award
•  "Off-School Hours Study Scheme" for F.6 & 7 Students
•  Appreciation Dinner with Prefects
•  Appreciation Lunch with Teachers
•  Support for Teachers' Association
Current Council Members:
•  Convener: Lapyan Chan (1973)
•  First Associate Convener: Danny Fung (1978)
•  Second Associate Convener: Dominic Sham (1977)
•  Immediate Past Convener,
   Fundraising Sub-Com Chairman:
Laurence Wan (1966)
•  Executive Committee Member,
   Teachers Affairs Sub-Com Chairman:
Patrick Pak (1969)
•  Executive Committee Member,
   Fundraising Sub-Com Chairman:
Danny Fong (1981)
•  Executive Committee Member:
Wilson Chan (1983)
•  Secretary / Treasurer,
   Students Affairs Sub-Com Chairman:
Melthon Wong (1993)
•  Executive Committee Member:
Vanco Chow (2002)
•  Executive Committee Member,
   Prefects Association Affairs Sub-Com Chairman:
Eddie Chong (2004)
•  Honorary Member:
Ng Kwok Hon (1962)
•  Ex-Officio Committee Member:
Martin So (1969)