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St. Louis Old Boys’ Association Limited (SLOBA) 2021–2022

President’s Report

By Chan Ka-lun, Allen

30th April 2022


Dear Aloysians,

St. Louis Old Boys’ Association was founded 60 years ago in 1961 by the late Father John Foster with a group of old boys to unite all old boys with our alma mater.  In Chinese culture, 60 years marks a cycle of life, and it is an age to be proud of and celebrate.  Since we celebrated our 60th anniversary last November, we have continued our efforts to connect old boys from all walks of life and worldwide.

Despite challenges caused by COVID-19, such as its impact on the global economy and the international travelling ban, SLOBA continues to provide various services and support not limited to just old boys but also our alma mater, teachers and students.  Providing care and support to all residents of our St. Louis rectory and members of the Salesian Society are also our other goals.  The following is a list of activities that took place since our last AGM on 6th March 2021:


SLOBA has planned many activities and services for our members for the term of 2021–2022 since our last AGM.

In March 2021:

SLOBA held the 1st Board of Directors Meeting virtually on the same day after the last AGM, followed by the announcement of the 2021–2022 council members.

In April 2021:

We have launched the overseas liaison programme with the ultimate goal of setting up new overseas chapters after a resolution during our 2nd Council Meeting held on 13th April.  Some old boys residing in England and the US East Coast have confirmed participating in this programme.  We continue to expand and are pending confirmation from various cities across continents.  

In May 2021:

We launched our summer internship and job shadowing programmes for junior old boys who graduated within the last five years and senior form students in S4 or above.  We successfully recruited ten internship and job shadowing partners, and we received 18 applications from old boys who graduated from 2016 to 2021.  Our internship programme helped match applicants with organisations in relevant industries, such as a big four accounting firm and top barrister chambers in Hong Kong.

In June 2021:

A representative from SLOBA attended the World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco 12th Asia-Oceania Congress online from 25th June to 27th June.  Our representative shared experiences of connecting junior and senior old boys during the group discussion with past pupil representatives and Salesian priests from Macau, Osaka, Mongolia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Italy.

In August 2021:

The Hong Kong Federation of Don Bosco Past Pupils held their 2020–2021 annual meeting at our MMLL on 1st August.  The SLOBA president, vice president and liaison officer attended the meeting and exchanged views on uniting old boys from different age groups and locations.

In September 2021:

Members of the SLOBA Council, SLOBA Assets, SLOBA Foundation and members of Aloysian Fellowship held a warm welcome dinner with our new principal, Dr. Victor YICK, on 16th September.

In November 2021:

Co-organised with the school authority, we successfully hosted Homecoming Day on 6th November.  It was the first Homecoming for old boys and their families since 2019.  There were guided tours led by St. Louis School Youth Club members for old boys, visiting various new school campus facilities, including the Biology Museum 2.0, AI Lab, and the school gym.

We held two SLOBA exchange sessions with old boy speakers in the afternoon.  Two speakers, Mr. Aaron LEE and Mr. Ivan LEUNG, shared their experiences on Greater China retail and human resources.  Mr. YEUNG Kit-man, Alumni Manager of the IMC of St. Louis School, also shared his views and exchanged many ideas with attending old boys on various topics.

As part of our tradition, a memorial mass for departed clergymen, teachers and old boys was held in the late afternoon of the Homecoming Day.

The highlight of Homecoming Day was a short gathering with Father Bogadek and Father McKenna at the MMLL, with over 30 old boys and their families in attendance.

On the same evening of Homecoming, we arranged a small dinner gathering to celebrate SLOBA 60 so that old boys could meet with one another and with our clergymen, present and retired teachers and staff.

In March 2022:

A virtual meeting was held on 25th March to decide the date of the AGM and nominate our council member, Mr. Andrew YUEN, as the Returning Officer for the upcoming Alumni Manager Election.  As a result, Mr. YUEN, was again elected as our Returning Officer for the AM Election.   



Apart from supporting our old boys, we also support our alma mater and students through different activities such as various sponsorship programmes.

In April 2021:

SLOBA council representatives met with the St. Louis School Robomaster team over lunch on 1st April.  We gave them words of encouragement for upcoming competitions.

In May 2021:

Co-organising with St. Louis School Career & Life-Planning Team, Brothers Talk resumed on 4th May.  Twelve old boys from different generations were invited as guest speakers, covering six sessions in two weeks on healthcare, business start-up, IT, architecture, engineering and finance.  About 15 students from S4 to S5 attended each session.

In June 2021:

Fundraising for Biology Museum A Bee 2.0 began in June.  We received so much support from old boys and have raised HK$850,550, which was enough for 2.0 expansion but also for our last phase of 3.0 expansion.  The 2.0 expansion was completed in November 2021, and the final expenditure was HK$401,812, leaving us a balance of HK$448,738 for 3.0 expansion.  The 3.0 design started at the end of 2021 and was approved by the IMC of St. Louis School this April.  The target completion date will be within the next six months.

In July and August 2021:

SLOBA council representatives met with the St. Louis School ICE Challenge Team over lunch in mid-July, celebrating their victory after their competition.

With the help of six old boys, 39 students from S4 to S6 attended job shadowing sessions from five different organisations, including:

  1. Interior design company

  2. Industrial company

  3. Barrister chambers along with a three-day criminal trial

  4. Paediatrician clinic

  5. European car dealership and maintenance facility in Hong Kong

In November 2021:

SLOBA council representatives attended the St. Louis School Speech Day on 19th November and presented prizes and awards to many outstanding students.  Dr. Michael LAU (80) was the Guest of Honour and shared a very interesting speech to all graduating boys.

In April 2022:

SLOBA, working with the principal, vice principals and the school office, presented 103 newly-designed SLOBA membership badges to all S6 students on 13th April.  These badges are welcome gifts for new SLOBA members.



SLOBA continues to support our clergymen throughout the pandemic.

In March 2021:

To celebrate Father Bogadek’s 90th birthday, SLOBA launched a campaign inviting old boys worldwide to send birthday greeting short video clips to Father Bogadek.  More than thirty short clips were received and later uploaded onto an iPad as a birthday gift to Father Bogadek.

Due to social distancing regulations, we could not host his 90th birthday party.  Instead, we have organised a mini birthday celebration to celebrate with Father Bogadek at the MMLL.  A Zoom broadcast was also set up so that old boys could participate virtually.

In April 2021:

On 8th April, the SLOBA council, working with Dr. Michael LAU, brought Father Bogadek to the Hong Kong Science Museum.  Many of Father’s previous captures in specimens were on loan to the Hong Kong Science Museum.  After hearing so much about the legendary Father Bogadek, the museum staff were thrilled to meet with Father.  Father had a good time visiting the museum and was happy to see his specimens shown to the general public.

In July 2021:

A group of old boys set up the Father Anthony Bogadek Caring Fund (ABC Fund).  Managed by an executive committee, the group raises funds from old boys to cover Father Bogadek’s healthcare expenses.  SLOBA assisted in promoting the fundraising campaign to all old boys.  The ABC Fund is still in need of your support now.

In December 2021:

A potluck dinner was held at the MMLL on 19th December to celebrate Christmas with the clergymen.

In March 2022:

In light of the 5th wave COVID-19 outbreak, working closely with tremendous support from Salesian English School Old Boys Association, medical-grade air purifiers were installed at the St. Louis School chapel and rectory, safeguarding our clergyman from the Omicron variant..



Sadly, some priests, retired school staff and old boys have departed from us in the last year.

In June 2021:

SLOBA council representatives, along with Father Chan and now retired principal, Mr. Peter Yu, bid farewell to the fellow old boy, Mr. TANG, Shing Bor (鄧成波先生) on 5th June.  Late Mr. Tang attended St. Louis School in 1948 and reconnected with St. Louis School through a SLOBA council member in 2018.  Mr. Tang donated a significant amount of money for the facilities and staff room renovation of St. Louis School in 2019.

In January 2022:

SLOBA council representatives attended the memorial service of Late Mr. Paul Lo (羅淦基先生), who was also known to all of us as 羅書記.  Mr. Lo dedicated his career to St. Louis School as a secretary until retirement.

In March 2022:

Father Anthony Tcheong (張志誠神父), former St. Louis Primary School principal and St. Louis School teacher, passed away on 23rd February 2022.  A SLOBA council representative attended his funeral at St. Anthony’s Church on 5th March

In April 2022:

Father Clement Kong (江克滿神父), a 1956 graduate from our secondary school English division, passed away on Good Friday, 15th April, at the Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Mary Home for the Aged.  Father Kong is well known as a composer for many songs that we sing in masses, such as 主慈頌 and 垂憐經.



St. Louis School will celebrate its 95th anniversary in 2022–2023.  A team of teachers and old boys have come up with the idea that we should have a history museum displaying our long history and countless unforgettable achievements, both academically and non-academically.  They have set up a group since 2020 working every Saturday morning to digitise all kinds of materials, such as photos, yearbooks, editions of Aloysians, old documents, etc., from different sources throughout our school. 

Covid has become part of our lives in the last two years, and we started to see dim light after this long dark pandemic tunnel.  We are blessed that we managed to host this unprecedented virtual AGM despite all difficulties.  We continue to work as a group to serve our old boys and our alma mater. 

Finally, it has been my honour since 2019 to have served all of you as the president of SLOBA.  It is now time for me to step down, and I look forward to other council members bringing their experiences to the table to continue our SLOBA legacy.  I hope to see more of our fellow members, especially our younger old boys, come and join us in supporting our alma mater, clergyman and students.

Thank you all for your support throughout these years, and may God Bless You.


-  End of Report  -


Allen’s farewell speech:

I want to thank all SLOBA directors and co-opts during my three years as SLOBA President. Without their support, especially our Vice-president – Mr. Jason HO, Honorary Treasurer – Mr. David TAM, and Honorary Secretary – Mr. Ricky CHEUNG, our business could not have run so smoothly.  Ricky joined the SLOBA Council in 2018, and he will surely be missed after he retires from the council. Once again, thanks, Ricky!

Also, thanks to our past president Dr. Stanley LO, thanks to Dr. Clive FUNG, Mr. Teddy KWONG, Mr. Dominic LEUNG, Mr. Aaron LEE, Mr. Ivan SHIU, Mr. WONG Chun Hei, Mr. PANG Hok Wai, and Dr. Samuel CHAN for their various contributions such as table tennis, Lightning Cup, Youth Club support, Homecoming, job shadowing, internship, name cards, and more.

In addition, a big thank you to Mr. Andrew YUEN, who represented SLOBA and Salesian Past Pupils Confederation of Hong Kong and Macau to participate in the global events organized by the global Salesian of Don Bosco. He also has been our Returning Officer for our last Alumni Manager Election and the upcoming one. His cooking hobby has translated into his new favourite volunteer service, which is to cook dinner on Sundays for our clergyman at St. Louis. Lastly, another big thank you to Mr. Winson KAM for providing unlimited digital support to the SLOBA email system, the history museum and today’s Zoom and YouTube broadcast.

There may be names I have missed, but I would also like to give my greatest salute to Mr. Alex WONG, Mr. Augustine LO, and Mr. YEUNG Kit-man for providing tutoring support to our students after school. My special appreciation also goes to Alex and Augustine once more together with Dr. Dominic SINN, Dr. John Chan, Dr. Duncan HO, Dr. James LEE, Dr. Stanley LO, Mr. Victor FUNG, Mr. Ken KWAN, Mr. Vincent CHANG, Mr. Kayson CHAN and all our medical link doctors for providing caring, medical support, exercises training, etc. to our Father Bogadek and other clergymen.  

Finally, thank you for all of your support and patience with our SLOBA council and me throughout these years. It has been my honour serving all of you, and it has been one of the most fruitful experiences of my life. I will surely miss it. May God bless every one of you and your family.


Thank you all for joining today’s SLOBA Annual General Meeting 2021–2022.



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