Summer Internship Programme for Junior Old Boys 2023

8th May 2023

Dear Fellow Old Boys,


Invitation to offer Summer Internship / Job shadowing opportunities

to Junior Old Boys and Senior Form Students


On behalf of St Louis Old Boys’ Association (SLOBA) and St. Louis School, I cordially invite you to take part in our summer internship and/or job shadowing program for our junior old boys and senior form students at your organization. 


SLOBA works very closely with our Alma Mater and wish to provide opportunities for our junior old boys, who are our members and attending higher education in university or equivalent; and senior form students attending S4 or above in St. Louis School with ages 15 or above. We hope the summer program can bring benefits to our participating members and students through gaining real-life working experiences from you, as well as bringing insights and maturity in planning their future studies. 


If you are able and wish to provide our members and students with a life-changing opportunity, may we propose the following options for your further consideration:

  • Internship with or without salary; and/or
  • Half day or full day visit to your organization


We are more than happy to work out the most suitable arrangement with your organization and our participating members and/or students. My colleagues and I look forward to discussing the arrangement with you in detail in the following days.

Please click this link to download the Invitation Internship Partner Form.

Thank you for your kind and generous support.


Yours truly,


Aaron LEE Loong Kee