Fu Tsz Cup Table Tennis Competition 2012

  1.  To provide an entertaining and friendly event for different generations of school
        table tennis team, teaching staff and school leaders.
  2.  To re-establish the atmosphere of our school table tennis team created by the
        late Mr. Law Yin Shun (Law Fu Tsz), our coach in the 70'-80'. 
  3.  To allow for exchange of experience, competition strategy, technical skills and
        psychological strength among different generations of school table tennis
  4.  To booster sense of belonging to our school and school table tennis team.
Date of the event:   25 Feb 2012 (Sat)
Venue:   St. Louis School Indoor Playground
Period of the event:
  •  Competition:    from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
  •  Lunch Buffet:    from 1:30 am to 3:15 pm
No of participants:
  •  Old boys:   25 (19 oldboys participated the competition)
  •  Current Secondary School Table Tennis team players and Table Tennis Club
      committees:    20
  •  Principals, teachers, Primary School Table Tennis team players (with parents)
      and guests:   25
Results of the competition:
  •  Champion - The 1990’s School Team
  •  1st Runner-up - The 1980’s School Team
  •  2nd Runner-up - The Current School Team
  •  3rd Runner-up - The 2000’s School Team
  •  4th Runner-up - Primary School Team
Responses from old boys / others:
  •  Primary School Table Tennis team players and their parents --- A wonderful
      event for Primary pupils to join. Hope to join it again next year.
  •  Old Boys --- The facilities (e.g. Mats for venue) were improved a lot. They are
      not worried about the slippery floor during the competition. They enjoyed the
      event so much.
  •  Guests (Dr. TANG and Uncle Hon) --- A good memorable event made by

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