Fu Tsz Cup Table Tennis Competition 2011

(1) To connect various generations of school table tennis team players to foster
(2) To connect those old boys with the school to strengthen the supporting force
      for table tennis development of St. Louis School
(3) To show respect to the head coaches who sacrificed a lot and made
      tremendous contributions to the school reputation through table tennis
      - the late Mr. Law Yin Shun (Law Fu Tsz) and Mr. Lai Tak Wai
(4) To enable the exchange of experience, competition strategies and skills among
      table tennis players of different generations
(5) To boost a sense of belonging to the alma mater and the St. Louis
      Table Tennis Team

Date:               22 Jan 2011 (Sat)
Time:              (i) Competition:     9:30am - 12:45pm
                         (ii) Lunch Buffet:    1:30am - 3:45pm
Venue:           St. Louis School Indoor Activity Hall
No of participants:
   •  Old boys : 27 (18 old boys participated the competition)
   •  Current school team players and Table Tennis Club committees: 20
   •  Principals, teachers and guests: 14
Results of the competition:
   •  Champion --- “The 1980’s School Team”        
   •  1st Runner-up --- “The 1990’s School Team”
   •  2nd Runner-up --- “The Current School Team”
   •  3rd Runner-up --- “The 2000’s School Team”

Total: 63 photo(s)