Warm Table Dinner 2011 (1st)

Topic:                    Admiration of Ancient Civilization and
                              Passion on Ordos Daggers (鄂爾多斯式匕首)
Host Speaker:     Doctor Tang Shun Cheung (鄧舜祥醫生)
Date:                    31 May 2011 (Tue)
Time:                    7:00 pm
Venue:                 The Chinese Banks’ Association Ltd (香港華商銀行公會)
                             ( 5/F, South China Building, 1-3 Wyndham Street, Central.
                              中區雲咸街1-3號南華大廈五樓 )
Doctor Tang is a 1976 graduate of St. Louis and has been a great supporter of the School.  Outside of his practice in the medical field and volunteer works for the School, Doctor Tang has been an experienced collector of bronze weapons found along the northern border of ancient China.  These daggers and knives carry a rich history of how China and Europe intercepted in Zhou and Han Dynasties (such as Xiongnu 匈奴).  For these antiques called Ordos Daggers, Dr. Tang recently published a book - www.ordosbronzes.com
It is a great honour of SLOBA to have Doctor Tang to speak on this very interesting subject and to share his path in appreciation of art and culture after graduating from St. Louis as a science student (like many of us).

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